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"I'd rather have a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy." - Fred Allen


The presence of polyethylene coatings on the mouth of the bottle (commonly referred to as the finish) can result in serious closure problems. American Glass Research has recognized the industry’s need to identify the presence of polyethylene coatings quickly and easily.  We now offer a product to meet this need.

Poly Test Slurry® provides simple detection of polyethylene coatings through the act of submersing the finish of the bottle into the mixture and observing the results.

If polyethylene on the finish is a concern with your ware, an easy and cost-effective solution for identifying it is now available. For more information or to order your supply of Poly Test Slurry® click here.

American Glass Research has oils with standard densities available for use in the Density Comparator, a device that provides a fast, reliable measurement of glass density.  Also, b
y mixing the heavy and light density oils custom oils can be created for use in the Density Comparator.  For more information on density oils click here.
Agr International, Inc. has developed innovative glass container inspection equipment since its inception, providing glass manufacturers with advanced technologies that ensure product quality.  Agr has been the industry leader in container inspection, verification, and research for over 65 years. As a full-service supplier to the glass industry, Agr International offers equipment, training and complete product support from multiple locations throughout the world.
Headquartered in Butler, Pennsylvania, USA, Agr provides worldwide sales and service of our on-line and laboratory inspection equipment.  Agr maintains regional sales offices in Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, and Spain as well as service centers in Germany, China, Italy, and Mexico. 

As the glass container industry strives to achieve improved production quality and efficiency, Agr International, Inc. is committed to provide the services and products our customers need to achieve those goals.  For more information on glass container equipment and comprehensive equipment services click here. 

Agr•TopWave, LLC offers a variety of equipment and services specifically designed to meet the quality assurance needs of preform manufacturers, plastic container manufacturers and fillers using plastic containers.  Products include high throughput, vision based on-line inspection systems, automated laboratory products and a variety of manual gauges for stretch blown and injection-molded containers in addition to preforms.

Agr•TopWave is committed to being the industry leader in container inspection. Through continued research and development at Butler, Pennsylvania, USA facility, engineers are providing the technological developments to meet the current and future quality assurance needs of the plastic container industry.  For more information on plastic container equipment click here.

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