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USP/EP Testing
USP/EP Testing

Hydrolytic testing of Pharma containers to ensure adherence to USP and EP Guidelines. Meeting specifications for Pharmaceutical Containers in order to protect the integrity of the packaged products demands adherence to USP and EP guidelines. These requirements are detailed in various documents found in the USP and EP literature.

We are experienced in performing all of the tests for glass containers that are found in these references. Specifically, we can help document the performance of glass containers with regard to the following tests: 

  • Powdered glass
  • Water attack at 121°C
  • Arsenic
  • Light transmission
  • Soluble alkali

Whether you are experiencing an unexpected priority issue or you require a routine confirmation, We are ready to provide you with USP/EP results you can rely upon. Our experts are available to discuss your specific needs. Just give us a call or fill out the Sample Submission Form and send a copy with your samples for optimum processing.