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Glass Container Testing
Glass Container Testing

Evaluation of glass container performance to avoid issues and reduce cost. Lightweighting, rightweighting, unusual container designs and accelerated line speeds all increase the potential for bottle issues. We are dedicated to providing the professional and technical services to help you rise above your recurring issues with proactive, cost saving solutions.

It is crucial to have the ability to predict and certify the performance of an article before costly problems occur. Our experienced team of professionals will work with you to recommend the most appropriate sampling and test protocol-whether the need is for preventative quality assurance, first response problem solving, or anything in between. Since 1927, we have maintained an unparalleled record of service in this field and can help you devise test strategies specific for your goals, timeline, and budgetary needs

Our services are applicable to glass manufacturers and end-users alike both large and small in the food, beverage, tableware and pharmaceutical industries, and the list of services is continually expanding along with advances in technology. Give us a call, and we would be happy to discuss how our services can benefit you with a free-of-cost estimate today.

Some of the primary testing areas we offer include:

  • Performance Testing
  • Failure Analysis / Problem-Solving
  • Proof-of-Design Testing
  • Dimensional Measurements
  • Defect Identification
  • Residual Stress Evaluations

All of our services include a formal technical report summarizing test procedures, results, conclusions, and recommendations, when appropriate. While we have set pricing on some of our services we can also tailor a test protocol with pricing based on time spent and materials used. An estimate will be provided in an upfront quote along with a projected timeline to completion. Expedited rates are also available. In all cases, a sustained dialogue is requested and encouraged so that we can explain our results personally, in plain language.

To have a sample tested, please give us a call or submit the Analysis Request form. Please be sure to print out the form and send it along with your samples for optimum processing.