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Advanced Batch and Furnace Operations

Designed for production and staff actively involved with batch and furnace operations seeking to understand the technical basis of fundamental glass production.  Completion of AGR's basic Batch and Furnace course or two years experience in the Batch and Furnace area are recommended for attendees.  Current trends and best practices will be identified and discussed in an informal, interactive class environment.

Topics to be covered:

  • Raw Material Selection and Quality Monitoring
  • Example calculations used by glass technologists and furnace engineers
  • Introduce "First Principles" of glass formation process
  • Refractory property selection and application issues
  • Optimizing furnace operations and melting requirements
  • Glass property and quality measurements for troubleshooting
  • Industry trends
  • Oxy-Fuel glass melting issues
  • Addressing compliance with current air emission regulations

Seminar Duration: Three and 1/2 Days    

Training Cost
$1,850 USD, 1.850 EUR